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Welcome to our Shop!
Candles are one of life's greatest affordable luxuries.  Our long burning, deliciously scented candles are carefully hand poured right here in our shop.    And we don't let a bunch of chemists tell us what smells good, either. We experiment and test all our candles in our own home. If we aren't thrilled, we won't sell them!
Peter Petrie Egg Separator (White)Peter Petrie Egg Separator (Blue)Pottery with Attitude
ou either love this stuff or you hate it, but you still can't look away...  This handcrafted pot separates eggs through the nostrils of the old fellow sculpted on the surface. It's gross, but it really works!

There's a moose, too!

Votive Variety Packs
"Buy candles online?  You must be kidding... I have some idea what Cucumber Melon might smell like, but what the heck is Sea Smoke?"  Is this what you are thinking?  Well, we may have a solution.  Try one of our economical votive variety packs, each with six different scents, all for the same price as just one 3x3 pillar candle!

Candle Tins in Every Fragrance!
Take the beauty and aroma of candles with you where ever you go with our new seamless candle tins.  Going to a hotel? Try a Smoke Away in a tin. Heading for the office?  Sharpen your mind with a Herby 'Erbal in a tin.

Hazelnut CappuccinoCandle Favorite: Hazelnut Cappuccino
Hot and frothy, with an aroma straight from your favorite coffeehouse, Hazelnut Cappuccino is THE coffee candle. Be sure to check out our many other unique scents!
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